Why Many Companies Have ISO 9001 Certification

We hear very often about ISO 9001, but we don’t know what it means or the role of it. Nonetheless, this is a good question. ISO 9001 is the quality management system standard and provides many benefits for any company that plans to go that way. The main reasons why many companies need ISO 9001 are the following:

Getting ISO 9001 helps companies meet their clients’ needs and requirements. Nonetheless, many companies look only for money, but they don’t understand that customer satisfaction is very important, being the ultimate goal of the quality management system. Thus, there may be companies with this type of certification, but there’s no much improvement or quality.


More revenue and business from new customers as this way, a company can advertise its quality products or services and respond to requests for quotes. This certification can also open new markets and new profit opportunities.

Improved company and product quality. To adopt a ISO 9001 certification means quality for the entire company, including every service and every product. Therefore, an ISO 9001 implementation will make the best out of your company.

Increased customer satisfaction
with your products and services. It means that you everything you produce is adapted to what your customers expect. Additionally, you’ll meet more than their implied requirements. Nevertheless, quality also means fewer complaints and doing things better to solve things. In a few words, you have to ensure an increased customer satisfaction.


Communicate your company processes, meaning that your company has to identify and describe your processes using what is called business metrics. These are used to communicate and understand your system’s performance. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about your business.

Develop a professional culture and employee morale, providing your employees with clear expectations, which are job descriptions and quality objectives, offer actionable feedback on their performance and the tools to do their job.

Save money, reduce waste and improve efficiency and achieve your target objectives with better regularity in order to achieve great results.


Achieve international quality recognition. ISO 9001 is already used by approximate 1 million organisations in the world.

Therefore, these benefits are great and increase your chances to improve your company, reputation and have long-term clients.