The Purpose of Becoming ISO Certified

Becoming ISO certified is a very important thing for any company. To understand why this is so important, we must first explain what ISO is. The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, and they publish standards by which companies can abide by if they want to be ISO certified. Now why would a company want to be ISO certified?

Customers know what to expect from companies that are ISO certified. If you have a set of standards that all of your company branches abide by, then customers who go to one branch will have a very similar experience if they go to another branch. This is especially important in restaurant management, because customers who go to one branch and really like it will choose that same company given different options in another part of the country. If they go to a different branch and don’t get the same type of service and food, they will think that all branches are different and that they can only rely on that one branch. This hurts the integrity of the company, and that original branch will probably lose business because the customers won’t be as loyal as they would have been had the other branch been a similar experience.

Also, having the same set of standards from branch to branch gives the employees strict guidelines for how they are to do things. If you work for one branch, but get sent over to another branch for a week, you will assume that the same rules and expectations apply there as at your home branch. Things can get very confusing if there are completely different rules and processes, and employees are unlikely to want to work for said company.

Being ISO certified is a necessity for large corporations, as they have many branches. It is not as important for smaller companies, but still something to be considered if the company plans on expanding.