My Brother’s Company

Let me tell you about the man I look up to. My brother’s company recently became ISO certified. He runs a company that sells childrens’ toys. Educational toys, other entertaining toys, dolls, and other products for children are sold at his company.

He started his business some years ago selling a small amount of items but now his business has bloomed to sell a wide variety of childrens’ products. When I ask him about running his company and what factors are important to him he tells me that there must be good customer service, the business must be ran legally, and everyone involved in the creation and operation of his business must follow all safety guidelines. If toys are recalled he makes a notice and pulls the toys from his store. When safety hazards present themselves he is attentive and contacts the right people accordingly. If there are complaints he listens and takes those complaints seriously. He follows all guidelines when it comes to bringing in new products as well. Another very honorable thing he does is research new toys and products before purchasing or selling them. If there are warning signs he does what is morally right. He then has people test out the products to certify safety.

When it comes time for taxes he ensures that all information is right. He is a very honest, smart, respectable man.

I’m sure these are all the reasons why his company is now ISO certified. I am proud of my brother and wish his business much more luck in the future.