ISO 22716 Regarding Cosmetics

For a period of four years, between 2002 and 2006, researchers worked to establish  a standard to be used in the industry of cosmetics. Why is such a standard important? One of the answers may come from the video bellow from which you will find how many chemicals are hidden in the cosmetics women use daily.

In 2007 ISO 22716 appeared in order to insure consumers in what concerns the safety of the products they use. Before this, the ingredients used in cosmetics many times triggered allergies or skin problems that were very hard to heal, especially on persons with already-problematic skin. Since this standard has been imposed, most of the companies (those that want to make sure their clients are aware of the fact that they choose the best ingredients for their products) obtained it. This has a lot of benefits which lead to a win-win situation for the cosmetics-producing companies, as well as for the clients they have. 


You can read more about the advantages of having the ISO 22716 or using products coming from companies which comply to the ISO 22716 standard here:

  • the standard describes the requirements for product and process quality;
  • the quality guidance requirements are offered, together with the manufacturing practices;
  • the products can be safely made in any type of organization, no matter how simple or complex they are;
  • the standard is internationally accepted;
  • the compliance to the standard is regulated all around the world in accordance to each country’s laws and regulations;
  • the standard imposes continuous controls on the production process to avoid hazards;
  • ISO 22716 also promotes continuous improvement, constraining companies to research in order to offer the best products to consumers.

Another helpful resource for the clients in the area of cosmetic safety, complementary to the ISO 22716 standard is INCI – the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. This is very helpful because it offers all the details about the chemicals hidden in the cosmetics commercialized on the market. Here is a video in which the usage of the INCI website is shown.

In present, adopting the ISO 22716 standard should not be an option, but an obligation. The consumers have the right to know what they apply on their skin and what kind of effects the ingredients mixed in the cosmetics they use daily might have.