Interesting Facts On ISO Certified Companies

ISO certified is a system that ensures people that what they have bought is reliable and also of high quality. This quality system is a stamp of approval, including many benefits. ISO is not used only for products, but also for companies, even tough it’s not a requirement. Nonetheless, implementing such a standard will ensure the productivity, the efficiency and the effectiveness of company operations. A company may want to be certified to find out their customer preferences or to motivate staff by setting a clear goal for the development of its management system. Additionally, it may also be a contractual or regulatory requirement and an important element within the context of the risk management programme.

Nonetheless, a company cannot be certified by ISO, but by external certification bodies that are largely private, so even though the ISO name appears on a certificate, it doesn’t mean that ISO has issued it. Even if ISO doesn’t perform certification, it has a Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) which has produced many standards that are related to the certification process. The criteria used in these publications are an international consensus on good practice related to certification. ISO is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards which has published more than 19 000 International Standards, covering numerous aspects of business and technology, ranging from food safety to computers, as well as healthcare and agriculture.

ISO was founded in 1947 and today has members from 164 countries and 3 335 technical bodies to ensure the standard development. One of the most important part of the ISO’s management system approach is represented by audits. Audits enable any company to check if its objectives are right for being ISO certified. An ISO certified company will have many advantages on the market, there will be less mistakes and soon, the company will expand and will have many investors. Additionally, its reputation will be great, so clients and collaborators will trust it. An entrepreneur has to inform on this type of certification and to find out more about its advantages and also about the entire process. The Internet is at hand, so with a few clicks, he will find everything he needs related to this field. He can also send a few emails and find the answer to many questions that he has.