ISO Members

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, being the largest developer of voluntary International Standards in the world. These International Standards are the ones providing specifications regarding products, good practice, and services. In this way, they help industries become more effective and efficient. Source Out of the 205 total countries in the world, 162 of … Read more

Interesting Facts On ISO Certified Companies

ISO certified is a system that ensures people that what they have bought is reliable and also of high quality. This quality system is a stamp of approval, including many benefits. ISO is not used only for products, but also for companies, even tough it’s not a requirement. Nonetheless, implementing such a standard will ensure … Read more

Audit To Have An ISO Certified Business

Getting ISO certified is one of the things that most owners of companies dream about. There are many competitors on the market and all the businesses in your field struggle to become the first ones in terms of clients, profits and so on. In order to gain the upper hand, one of the best things … Read more

Standard Procedure for a Company to be ISO Certified

Most of the working companies on the market are ISO certified. The ISO certification is actually crucial for most of the firms, since it enhances their quality work. ISO is an acronym that stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation. What makes the ISO certified companies so special? In the context of ISO 9001:2000, the … Read more

Why To Get ISO Certified

ISO certified companies are firms recognized for their quality work. In fact, ISO stands for the International Organization For Standardization. Nowadays, being ISO certified is not only very important for a company, but it can actually be crucial in some cases. To be ISO certified, a firm needs to prove a high level of quality … Read more

ISO Certified Benefits

Businesses have many legal formalities that they must respect in order to develop properly and to enter the market. Depending on the field of the industry, there are several certifications that any business must obtain. One of the most important aspects of managing a business is to get ISO certified. This is a very important … Read more

The Importance Of Getting ISO Certified

ISO comes from International Organization For Standardization, founded on 23 February, 1947. ISO also comes from The Geek “ISO” which means “equal’. Actually, this is what the organization stands for: industrial and commercial standards as well as worldwide proprietary. ISO has its headquarters in Switzerland, Geneva. At the beginning, ISO was interested only in mechanical … Read more

The Purpose of Becoming ISO Certified

Becoming ISO certified is a very important thing for any company. To understand why this is so important, we must first explain what ISO is. The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, and they publish standards by which companies can abide by if they want to be ISO certified. Now why would a company … Read more

ISO Certified Companies

An ISO certified company is one that can be regarded highly in business. ISO is derived from the Greek word “ISOS” and means equal. It stands for International Organization for Standardization and is a sets numerous organizational and management standards. There several different ISO certifications. ISO certification includes group of standards that serves as a … Read more